Introduction to the Order of Eden

This Order of Eden Franciscans (OEF) group of seculars (lay, domestic) followers in the Franciscans and Carmelites, and Order of Minims who gather once a month as an OEF fraternity. The Franciscan Family, as one among many spiritual families raised up by the Holy Spirit in the Church, and unites all members of God’s people.

Lay, and religious – who recognize that they are called to follow Christ in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Clare of Assisi, St. Theresa of Lisieux, St. Padre Pio, St. John of the

Cross, St. Francis of Paola and other notable Canonized Saints in the Catholic Church, may find interest in this fraternal group. The emphasis on health and healing is a major part of this group.  The Garden of Eden is the ideal of a healthy, whole lifestyle through diet and the environment.

Background for the the New Adam and Eve  – in the Order of Eden 

Now the man called his wife’s name Eve because she was the mother of all the living (Gn 3.20).  The Virgin’s name was Mary (Lk 1:28), mother of Jesus, mother of all Christians (cf. Acts 1:14).  Mary was called the New Eve as Jesus the New Adam.  Both the old and the new ate a plant-based diet.   The post-apostolic Fathers St. Justin (155) and St. Irenaeus, (circa 177) both write on the Eve-Mary parallel, which indicates that it is a traditional teaching of the church.  Irenaeus also knew St. Polycarp who was a disciple of St. John.  The schema of the parallelism of Irenaeus (in Haereses III, 22,4) is thus;

Eve                                              Mary

still a virgin                                 the virgin

the spouse of Adam                already   betrothed

was disobedient                      through her obedience

became both for herself         became both for herself

and all the human race           and all the human race

the cause of death                  the cause of salvation

what the virgin Eve                  the Virgin Mary 

had bound                                unbound

  by her belief…                         by her faith… 

For, as St. Irenaeus says, she “being obedient, became the cause of salvation for herself and for the whole human race.”  Hence not a few of the early Fathers gladly assert with him in their preaching: “the knot of Eve’s disobedience was united by Mary’s obedience: what the virgin Eve bound through her disbelief, Mary loosened by her faith.”  Comparing Mary with Eve, they call her “Mother of the living.” (St. Epiphanius) and frequently claim: “death through Eve, life through Mary.”  (St. Jerome, St. Augustine, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, St. John Chrysostom, St. John Damascene)  This is stated in the Documents of Vatican II (LG 56); and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (494). 

Mary the New Eve an Order of Eden – Mary belongs to an “Order of Eden” a model for us all. The Order of Eden (Journal article: Our Lady of Eden, 1974, Marian Studies, Marian Library) is about the line of succession and linage from Adam and Eve to Mary’s Jewish parents and her uniqueness as the New Eve, Ark of the Covenant and as the Daughter of Zion (Zephaniah 3.14-17) because she qualifies as a personification of the elect people, the “kosher woman.” It is the Virgin Mary who is the first member of the Order of Eden. Many Saints have tried to follow her example; as we do too!


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