Marian Theology is about the studies of the Blessed Virgin Mary and it is the field of Mariology in the larger field of Theology. Jim Tibbetts has an S.T.L. (Licentiate in Sacred Theology, a Pontifical Degree, 1995) in Marian Studies, from the International Marian Research Institute (I.M.R.I.), University of Dayton, Ohio and he has doctoral work at I.M.R.I. too. As a scholar he is a Theologian specializing in Marian Studies, in the Virgin Mary, he is a Mariologists!

Marian Theology (Marian Studies or Mariology) is the study of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ. The study of the Blessed Virgin Mary involves various aspects of Scriptures, Historical, Church Tradition, Doctrines, Dogma’s, Apparitions, Images, Marian Titles and other Marian topics. The Church has three main Pillars: the Magisterium, Scripture and Tradition. Basically, these are also the three Church pillars on the Virgin Mary:

1. the Ecclesia (or Church law) Tradition on Mary; as in Dogmas: Immaculate Conception, Assumption, … the Church History on Mary and doctrines and teachings by Popes and Theologians.

2. the Scriptural Tradition (Biblical law) on the Virgin Mary. There are many Biblical titles that define her she as; Daughter of Zion; Mary the Ark of the Covenant; Our Lady of Revelations, etc.

3. the Natural Law, Human Tradition on the Virgin Mary. As a Biblical Jewish woman, she was Our Lady of Kosher and Our Lady of the Fast since all serious Jews in Biblical times were kosher and fasted. The Immaculate Heart of Mary which is partly connected to the soul-spirit is the natural part of her humanity, etc.

A healthy balance on all three is needed for a health Marian devotion!

Books and Table of Contents for each of these Books:

1. Biblical Titles of Mary Mother of Jesus A Month of Scriptural Meditations
2. A Biblical Ballad of Mary Mother of Jesus
3. Christian Insight into Mary Mother of Jesus Simplified
4. Christian Insight into the Virgin Mary His Ark of the Covenant Simplified
5. Jesus and Mary were Kosher Vegetarian, the Evidence from the Bible, the Early Church and Nutrition
6. Jesus and Mary’s Plant-based Diet are about Impacting Global Warming! Part III
7. Order of Eden Franciscans Biblical Titles of Mary Mother of Jesus Rule of Life
8. Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest
– Historical Novel
– Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest – Feature Film Sceenplay
– Guadalupe the Tilma’s Research and Meaning booklet
9. Guadalupe and Cortes Screenplays
10. Fatima’s Apparitions, Messages and Phenomena
11. Fatima’s American Experts
12. The Third Secret of Fatima’s Nuclear WWIII
13. Fr. J. Roten’s Mariological … Saga Series (forthcoming)
14. Our Lady in Scripture with Fr. Rene Laurentin

Quotes for the Book: Our Lady in Scripture Biblical Teachings and Themes on Mary Mother of Jesus

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