Table of Contents

I. Politics for the Environment and Climate

1. President Donald Trump Saved the U.S. by Rejecting the Paris Climate Accord
2. A NASA scientist -“a fraud” and “a fake”
3. Diminishing-Returns from the Paris Accord
4. The Paris Accord Mistakes/Misrepresentations
5. The 2 Degree Mark has Already Been Reached
6. President Trump has a Strong Intuition
7. Trump Winning the Big League – Newt Gingrich
8. A Green Energy Strategy – Newt Gingrich
a. America Leading a Worldwide Partnership
b. A Green Energy Strategy
c. Sprinting to Renewable Energy
d. Partnering for the Earth
e. Efforts to Calculate the Value of Nature
f. Mainstream Environmentalism
g. A Bipartisan Action Plan for America
h. Both Republicans and Democrats can be Green
i. America an Energy Powerhouse
j. Our Nation’s History and Future
9. Roadmap for Solving our Energy Crisis – Gingrich
10. Old Environmentalism: Set Rules – N. Gingrich
11. Making America Self-sufficient Again!
12. Study finds Climate Pollution is Deadlier than Wars, Disasters, and Hunger
13. Irreversible Planetary “Tipping Points”
14. The Cost of Inaction vs. Taking Action
15. The Untier of Knots – Pope Francis

II. Infrastructure Projects

A. Technology Infrastructure Revolution
Summary of the Larger Picture

1. Technology Clean Climate Change
a. Purification of Smokestacks; GHG emitters
b. Environment, Health and Climate
Purification Agency
2. Technology Clean Renewable Energy
a. Clean Renewable Energy
b. Generation IV Nuclear Power Plants
3. Technology Clean Infrastructure
a. The Energy Grids Infrastructures
b. The Transportation Sector
c. The Buildings/Parks Sector
d. The Military Defense/Mexico Wall Sector
4. Estimated Costs for this Technology Infrastructure Revolution
B. Methodology for Coal and Nuclear Solutions
5. Purification of the Environment
6. Easiest Method to Reduce Global Warming
7. The Future of our Energy Needs!
8. EPA’s Decision Withdraw, Clean Power Plan
9. Green House Gas Filtering Facility
10. Purification Solutions; Coal Plant Emissions
A. A Coal Smokestack Purification Facility

B. A Coal Purification Sewage Facility

C. Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
D. Carbon Scrubbing
11. Coal Emissions…Eliminated – James Hansen
12. A Solution to the Coal Emissions Problem
13. Coal is Cheap and Abundant – Newt Gingrich
14. Policy Solutions Possibilities? – Al Gore
15. Comfortable Arm Chair Climate Change Politics
16. Cap-and-Trade Increases Corruption – Gingrich
17. American Energy without Extremism – Gingrich
18. Purification Systems for Increased Jobs
19. Coal and Nuclear over Renewables – Hansen
20. Nuclear Power Plants
21. Leadership in Nuclear is Fading – Newt Gingrich
22. Nuclear Power 4th Generation – James Hansen
23. American’s Must Choose: Nuclear, Coal or both
24. Mexico Wall for Mass Migration
25. A New Report and Agency Needed the EHCPA

C. Building Renewable Energy Facilities

26. What Americans want – Newt Gingrich
27. New Jobs; Renewable Energy – Newt Gingrich
28. Wind Turbines
29. Desalination Plants
30. Wave/Tidal Power Stations
31. Solar Panel Farms
32. Farm Methane Digesters
33. Hydro Power Small Scale
34. House-based Hydro Power
35. Geothermal Facilities
36. Vaporize Garbage + Power Facility
37. Smart Grids and Energy Storage
38. Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs Created!
39. Costs – Renewable Energy Facilities

III. Environment, Health & Climate
Purification Agency (EHCPA)
(20 Committees)

a. Groundwork for the Future Generation
b. A Semi-Independent, Transparent Agency
c. Americans Have a Right to Know the Truth!
d. We Lost Round One Already
e. Agency Structure and Staff

1. American Climate Purification Committee – Research
2. University Coalition & NASA Committee
3. International Committee
a. New York City – Paris Accord Committee
b. Foreign Relations Climate Purification Committee
4. Religious Committee on Population Growth
5. Ocean, Lakes, and Rivers Committee
6. Farming and Cattle Committee
a. Farming Regenerative Methodologies Committee
b. Farmlands and Ecosystems Restoration Committee
c. Green Cattle and Livestock Committee
d. Ethics for U.S. Livestock & Agriculture Committee
7. Plant-based Committee
a. Plant-based Commission on Nutrition
b. Plant-based Commission on Alternative Medicine
c. Developing Small Organic Farms
8. Cities, Trees and Recycle Committee
a. Buildings and Cities Committee
b. Tree Planting, Land Use Committee
c. Food and Recycle Committee
9. Elementary to College Education Committee
10. Stage & Arts; T.V. and Media Committee
11. Cars: Gas & Electric & Hydrogen Committee
12. Planes, boats, trains, & transportation Committee
13. Oil, Gas and Energy Committee
14. Coal and Nuclear Power Committee
15. Technology Infrastructure Committee
16. Renewable Energy Committee
19. Military (four branches military) Committee
20. Office of Policy Development for Committee

1. Complete Climate Purification Models
2. President Trump’s talk on the Paris Climate
Accord and the Media’s Response
3. James Tibbetts Bio
4. End Notes

Introduction – Renewable Energy and Commissions for
Impacting Global Warming! Part II

The most important thing for people is their health and after this is the environment which they live in, because a persons’ health is partly a product of their environment. Yet most people do not realize how serious this climate change situation really is in the long term. This crisis is the most serious crisis that the human race has ever faced in the history of civilization, one that if not solved will destroy or alter in a catastrophic way human civilization as we know it. These two books are dealing with this topic.

This first section in book I deals with the facts of climate change and global warming. These are hard cold facts, that are not disputed, they are happening now on this earth. There are some variances on the numbers and time scales for some of them, but they are facts. The second section of this book I deals with the schools of thought on these facts. They come to different conclusions on some of the data and facts, it’s the methodology and conclusions that differ. The third section in this book looks at different holistic perspectives, or schools of thought on the whole event that is taking place on Mother Earth. There are causes/solutions beyond the scientific.

The second book deals with the politics and sources of renewable energy and the commissions that can help deal with the environment, health and climate change, with the present administration in the White House. Having established the facts and some Schools of Thought in book one, this second book looks into policy decisions such as purifying coal plant smoke stacks to near zero emissions, instead of closing them down. It looks at renewable energy such as; wave, solar, hydro, geothermal, farm methane digesters, smart grids and others. It suggests 22 commissions and committees that need to be created to deal with this Trio: environment, health and climate, in a holistic fashion.

The second book deals with the Paris Climate Accord. If President Donald Trump did not reject the Paris Climate Accord and followed along with everyone else, for the next 15 to 20 years, they would have become stuck in this comfortable armchair climate change politics that the world is stuck in now. The U.S. is a world leader and needs to go the next step for our country and for leading the rest of the world out of this terrible situation Mother Earth is caught in. An issue few seriously deal with is that if the world does not turn towards a plant-based diet it will be impossible to solve climate change; this book helps to show some of the facts and schools of thought on this.

The first book on science lists out ten professional views that are used in the book primarily. This second book on politics primarily uses four experts, two in science (James Hansen, a NASA scientist and Michael Mann, a Distinguished Professor of Meteorology at Penn State University) and two in ex-politicians (Vice President Al Gore a Democrat and Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich a Republican). This helps to give a balanced view. All four of these have been writing and speaking on this for over 20 years each, some for over 30 years. They give a good overall foundation for discussion.

My book first book on climate change, Jesus and Mary Kosher Vegetarians Impacting Climate Change, was written in 2015, showing the historical and biblical evidence that Jesus and Mary ate primarily a plant-based diet, as well as other early Christians. Later in 2015 Pope Francis came out with his Encyclical on Climate Change. He visited American in October giving several talks on Climate Change, one talk to the Congress. The Pope is aware how serious this global problem really is. This two-part book series (2017) goes way beyond my first book which was primarily on religion.

Most of the experts have said that wars will come from climate change and wars already have started. In the heat wave of 2010, the Russian government placed an embargo on grain exports, which caused chaos in the commodities markets, an unprecedented food price spike, and, consequently, food riots across Asia and Africa – unrest that led to the violence of what we now refer to as the “Arab Spring.” Besides all the devastating effects of climate change itself, more wars over food and land will come as climate change grows.

In a simple structure climate change can be divided into three areas; industrial pollution, transportation pollution and agricultural pollution. This book deals with all three but especially the agricultural and food section. People are choosing to eat animals (70 billion every year, other estimates are higher) and cattle give off huge amount of methane which is 86 times more potent then CO2.

This agricultural segment gives a carbon footprint which is about 30% greenhouse gases (GHG). The choice for a person to eat meat and animal products for a whole year has larger green-house gas emissions, then all their transportation uses (cars, buses, airlines) put together for that year. One thing that everyone has in common and can change is their diet. Even if all the people on earth cut out most animal products and only ate these three days a week, then eating small portions of meat as a condiment that is essentially cutting down global warming, and solving climate change is possible. This is a good place to start our personal effort in this area, and it doesn’t cost anything!

Radical behavior change, along with technology and prayer is needed in order to impact Global Warming.

Thank you for taking the time to read this book. Hopefully it is an inspiration for you to change!

Sincerely in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
James C. Tibbetts

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